SAINT CLOUD, MINN. — Mahowald Insurance has been honored by the Granite Companies with the Advisor Cornerstone Award, according to a release from Granite Partners.

The award acknowledges Mahowald’s positive contributions to Granite Companies employees’ overall health and wellbeing through improved employee benefits packages.
Mahowald team members Bob Mahowald (Advisor), Bridget Faber (Director of Benefits), Scott Klinkhammer (Benefits Account Executive and Risk Analyst) and Kristin Rademacher (Benefits Account Executive) were recognized for their expertise in growing the benefits of more than 2,000 employees across the Granite Companies.

Mahowald’s partnership with the Granite Companies began in 2017, when Granite Partners and the Granite HR Affinity group began collaborating with the Mahowald team on reviewing, benchmarking and improving the various employee benefits packages offered.

The Mahowald team advised Granite Companies in choosing providers and designing solutions that would better serve employees and provide a long-term advantage to hiring and employee satisfaction.

The Granite Companies have since reported a significant, positive impact in employee recruiting, retention and engagement thanks to their partnership with Mahowald.

Mahowald is one of Minnesota’s leading insurance agencies, offering a broad range of products to businesses and nonprofits. The firm lives by their 90-year philosophy, Mahowald Cares, which focuses on the five cornerstones of wellbeing: Social, Physical, Career, Community and Financial wellness.

Mahowald Cares fosters active employee stewardship of community wellness through annual office-wide projects, community service throughout Central Minnesota, and 20 paid hours of non-profit volunteer work per employee per year.

“Our Mahowald Cares philosophy is a great match with Granite Partners’ mission of growing companies & enhancing communities. We believe that if we do things right, we can provide increasing value to everyone; companies, employees, and the community.” said Scott Klinkhammer. Klinkhammer also went on to say, “We put our heart into our work and are thrilled with our collective results”

Granite Partners is a private investment and holding company founded in 2002 in St. Cloud. The company expressed its gratitude to Mahowald as long-term partners and stated that “[Granite Partners] looks forward to continuing to strive toward world-class wellbeing together.”