More Than Insurance

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At Mahowald, insurance is only part of what we do in a day’s work. And while we do help you custom-fit your policies for commercial plans, group benefits, and personal coverage, that’s only the beginning. We’re really here to advocate for your overall wellbeing and keep your protection at the best level possible, day after day. Think of our experts as your own personal team—here to listen, put your best interests first, provide understandable answers to your most complex questions, and help you implement solutions that let your journey to success be a smooth one. That’s more than insurance.

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Introducing Zoom Webinars!

Experience our Mahowald Education Series, a bi-monthly webinar focusing on a variety of benefits solutions topics. Learn from benefits experts and empower yourself and your team with knowledge! This enriching series is open to current and prospective Mahowald clients.

Here's What We Offer...


Our extensive experience working with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries allows us the expertise to provide the support and guidance you need. We will be there with you to protect your needs through all the challenges you face.

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Employee Benefits

Mahowald creates purposeful and strategic benefit packages, but our service doesn’t end there. We’re continually here to help you implement and understand your program strategy, provide education, and support your HR team.

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You deserve to live a life you enjoy, so let us take the worry off your hands. We’re here to offer personalized protection while keeping potential threats from disrupting the life you desire.

Risk Management

Our avid group of risk advisors protects our clients like they would their own friends and family—with warm hospitality, expert guidance, and fierce advocacy for safeguarding what matters most to you.

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About Mahowald

Mahowald takes insurance beyond basic protection by providing you with a tailored team to celebrate your successes and proactively monitor your needs. More than just coverage, we offer guidance and support through life’s many changes.

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