Risk Management

Insurance agents are a dime a dozen, and there are plenty of them clamoring for the chance to quote your business and save you money. But, how well do they know you? How many options have they considered for your risks? Most agents only have one solution to every problem - buy more insurance!

At Mahowald we think that is a pretty narrow way to view a client and their risks. We are more than simply insurance agents, we are dedicated Risk Managers, employing the principles of Risk Management to help our clients make better risk-related decisions. We proactively develop programs to mitigate and control risks, allowing us in the long-run to sell you less insurance. Have you ever heard that from your agent?

To facilitate our Risk Management approach, we developed our own risk management process. Our process is a collaborative, systematic process to identify, analyze, and address each client's individual risk exposures. Our process helps us measure each client's Total Cost of Risk; not just their premium costs, but also their administrative risk costs, additional loss control costs, uninsured or retained costs, and any other transfer costs.

If your risk management program is only considering insurance products, you're limiting your options. If you're only measuring premium costs, you've only gauged the tip of the iceberg.

If you would like to learn more about risk management, please contact a Mahowald Risk Manager today.