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Commercial Insurance

Business Interruption Coverage

Business Interruption Coverage provides funds that will allow a business to continue during the recovery period following a covered loss. Business Interruption Coverage is comprised of two parts: Income Coverage and Extra expense Coverage.

Income Coverage protects the insured from loss to business income which results from a covered loss, such as fire. Coverage includes loss of profits that would have been earned during a recovery period, and on-going expenses such as taxes, mortgage, and ordinary payroll.

Extra Extra Expense Coverage is intended to provide funds that will expedite recovery from a covered loss. Extra Expense Coverage helps fund a business' disaster recovery plan. This would include the cost of such items as setting up in a temporary location, expediting the delivery of new equipment, and additional transportation needs.

  • Pre-loss exposure analysis and recovery planning help determine business income/extra expense needs and reduce business down time in the event of a loss
  • Extended period of indemnity coverage for long-tail recoveries